Kingston Digital Health is a project of Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA), which works to improve the quality of life for all of Kingston upon Thames’ communities, by supporting voluntary and community action in the Borough. The project utilises the expertise of KVA’s Superhighways team which focuses on ICT capacity building and digital inclusion.  

Our Vision

We know that technology and information has the power to revolutionise the delivery of health and care services to help individuals, families and carers manage their health and care.  We see a future for Kingston where technology supports improved outcomes, especially for those with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) and mental health conditions, across the whole health and care system and across society. 

Key objectives

  • Training Volunteers
  • Developing and demonstrating Health Toolkits
  • Making links with other Health & Social Care Providers

Our Aims

The Digital Health Project has 3 aims

  1. To help to join up and integrate care efficiently and effectively to support individuals, their families, carers and communities 
  2. Support and enhance digital inclusion by specific groups to access quality digital services through local voluntary and community sector networks
  3. Develop new ways of delivering health and care information, advice and support to people and communities 

Delivery methods

  • Creation of a specialist digital training programme for volunteers around online health information, online directories of local support and activities, and digital tools like apps on smartphone & tablets
  • Digital Champions sharing skills & knowledge with clients, service users and members of staff through their normal volunteering
  • Signposting to local health services and digital tools reaching people not previously aware of the scale and scope of online health resources

Impact for residents, voluntary and community groups

  • 90 volunteers trained as health navigators with improved digital skills and knowledge
  • Kingston residents, particularly those with mental health and long-term conditions, will have a better experience of health services and support care
  • The types of support and range of advice, information and guidance services offered by local voluntary and community groups will be expanded through the support of digital health navigators

Outcomes from the project at the end of year three

  • Better health and wellbeing for disadvantaged residents of Kingston
  • Increased fair access to quality local/national health information and support
  • Up-to-date information on local voluntary sector services and providers
  • More integrated working between community groups; Public Health, the Clinical Commissioning Group, the Council, and other strategic leads in the Borough including GPs and Pharmacies


All project updates will be with our key partners and the community:

  • Social media to comment on events, training and activities (Weekly)
  • Publish articles on progress in our e-news bulletin, and website. (Monthly)
  • Produce and publish an impact Case Study on the project web page (Quarterly)
  • Create a short film to raise awareness of our achievements and recruit more volunteers (Annual)

Further information 

Contact Philippa Leary ICT Support Worker, Superhighways 020 8255 8040 email