NHS Choices

NHS Choices is the gateway to the entire health service – it is a comprehensive guide from choosing a GP to when to get your children vaccinated.   There are forums you can join and advisors you can talk to.

Take a look at the Health Encyclopaedia

The NHS choices site is huge. So why not start by having a look at ways to manage your own condition or looking up some information if you have a friend or a relative who is not feeling well. You can search for any illness and you can also search for symptoms using an interactive body.

Symptom Checker

Everyone wants reassurance when they feel a bit under the weather and so learning how to use the symptom checker now is useful.... even if you are feeling fine.

Common Health Questions

This is a good place to find answers to most of the commonly asked health questions from what vaccinations you’ll need when you go abroad to where you can find help to stop smoking.

Find services near you

Of course there is no substitute for going to see a health professional, and the service search on NHS Choices is a great way to find your nearest dentist or doctor. You can search just on practices that are accepting new patients, and you can event see how others have rated them.


All information presented in a variety of media from videos to online tools and apps, and delivered in a wide range of languages. See the translation app at the  top of the page