The Internet is a great place to go to find hundreds of healthy recipes, whether you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration or you want to change the way you eat - less fat, reduce your cholesterol or cram in some more vitamins.

You can start your research by looking through the health section on the Learnmywebsite

NHS Choices

NHS Choices  website is the gateway to the entire health service – it is a comprehensive guide from choosing a GP to when to get your children vaccinated.   There are forums you can join and advisors you can talk to. Community Connected is running special NHS Choices Sessions designed to help you find your way around the NHS Choices Site.


 Weight Loss

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Healthy Eating Self assessment

Do you really know what eating healthily means? Find out how much you know about nutrition and making healthier choices.


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Try the NHS weight loss guide

Are you looking to lose weight? You can find top tips, tasty recipes and useful guidance to help you reach your goal weight in the handy guides you can download. Why not set a goal, and map out a healthy eating schedule?


One You -  Healthy Eating 

Eat healthier versions of the foods you love. You'll find delicious, easy meal ideas in this free app.

  • Great tips and advice to help you cook healthy and tasty meals.
  • Search recipes by meal time.
  • Find your favourite recipes and create shopping lists.


Calorie Checker

Check the calorie value of over 150,000 food and drinks, using this handy calorie checker. You can even search branded products  and meals from your favourite restaurants.

What's my BMI?

Use the BMI calculator to find out if you or your child's weight is healthy.

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 Do some price comparison shopping

One of the challenges of eating healthily is that it can seem more expensive, but it does not have to be. Want to test this out? Well why not choose a recipe from the NHS choices site, and look up the ingredients you will need on my Supermarket and work out how much you healthy meal would cost per person.

Health Eating resource prepared by UKonline Centres and adapted by ComCon.