Self Care 2019


Self care, simply put, describes the day-to-day actions we take to look after ourselves, promoting our own health and wellbeing. This can include a wide range of activity that we are in charge of, from taking a walk everyday to help boost our physical and mental wellbeing; to quitting unhealthy habits such as smoking; to making sure that we attend a social event every week.

Lots of voluntary and community groups offer events and services that can improve your health and wellbeing, such as clubs where you can socialise with people, programmes to help you get active and volunteering opportunities which can boost your self confidence. 

Self Care  - one month at a time

Kingston Voluntary Action with RBK,Public Health and other partners are contributing to monthly health information awareness campaigns. 

You can see the list of Self Care months  on RBK's website.

Overall these campaigns aim to inform you and our wider community: 

  • how to keep fit and healthy
  • how to deal with medicines appropriately
  • how to manage self-treatable conditions
  • when and where to seek clinical help
  • understand 'self care for life'

As a local partner Kingston Voluntary Action is supporting this 'changing behaviours, changing lives' approach.  Through our newsletter services and via our Kingston Digital Health Project , we will be providing you will additional information about voluntary and community groups services, activities and contact points. We will also showcase some of the widgets, tools and apps from NHS Choices website used as part of the digital health navigators training programme to help us all make some life style changes that are sustainable.

Who are the experts?

Whilst we all need professional medical support from health care services from time to time, we are the real experts when it comes to our own health and wellbeing.  Whatever our healthier life style goals are, it could be the simple changes that we make for ourselves that are going to make the big difference.