March is Healthy Eating Month


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NHS Choices takes a practical approach a mix of information, top tips, tasty recipes and useful guidance to help you reach your goal weight.

What do you know about nutrition and everyday food? 


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Take the test - this is a great activity to do with a large group as well as a one to one session. 


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Try the NHS weight loss guide



Are you looking to lose weight? Download the 12 weight loss plan. 

 Change what you eat 

"The food we eat can affect our risk of developing cancer, both directly and by helping us keep a healthy weight. Keeping a healthy weight is the second best thing you can do to cut the risk of cancer, after not smoking." - Cancer ResearchUK


What counts as 5 a day?

 We all know about eating 5 a day - but how much fruit or veg is enough to meet this criteria?

If you have been wondering about this - well you can watch this 'explainer' video. It great to have an expert show you exactly and to the nearest centimenter how much or how little you can get away ( with depending on your tastes)  to meet the 5 a day regime.  It's a really useful video and great to use in any session on nutrition or to negotiate with younger members of your own family at home.


Look up some recipes 

NHS Choices contains lots of healthy and tasty recipes. Whether you are just looking for something new to add to your list of weekday meals or looking for something special. Why not cook a meal and let us know how it turned out.


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Go to your GP and get some help

Listen to  Elinore explain  the support she got from her GP when she booked an appointment for help with loosing weight.

Self Care Kingston

The Council's site has a large section of self care activities to improve your health,  wellbeing and overall wellness.  The link above is to the RBK Self Care Calendar of local events and activites including - Healthy Eating, Alcohol Awareness, Healthy Ageing, Sexual Health, Winter wellness, Smoking Cessation, Workplace Health,  Learning and Volunteering, Children and Families, Carer Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Physlical Activity.

You can find additional information on local health and care services by visiting  Kingston Digital Health directories section of this site..

Top tools to help you eat healthy & well 

1) Try the BMI Checker


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2) Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Myth Buster

Food allergy and intolerance myth buster

Go to NHS Choices homepage


3) Calorie checker

Check the calorie value of over 150,000 food and drinks, using this handy calorie checker. You can even search branded products. Follow this link to the caloie checker