Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of ill health, disease and death in this country, and the single most important lifestyle factor affecting health inequalities. Stopping smoking and being physically active are the top things a person can do to improve their health.

Smoking has caused around 477 deaths in Kingston during 2014-16.

6 reasons Kingston's Kick It Stop Smoking service can help you quit 

  1. Did you know that Kingston is one of only 4 London Boroughs giving residents access to the personalised Kick It Stop Smoking support service?
  2. All clients receive six weeks of one to one support form a specialist stop smoking advisor who tailors their support to each person they deal with, recognition of the fact that everyone is different and smokers smoke for different reasons.
  3. There are 2 dedicated Kick advisors for Kingston running stop smoking sessions from a variety of locations so it’s never too difficult for a smoker to get the help you need.
  4. Your local library, GP and pharmacy are likely have a Kick-It advisor running a clinic from within their walls.
  5.  Kick-It  also trains health professional colleagues to deliver stop smoking support on our behalf and they help us to offer a well-rounded service from additional venues.
  6. So for this reason Kick-It Stop Smoking can support smokers whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening and from some of our locations even on weekends.

Contact Kick It Stop Smoking 

Telephone:020 3434 2500 or visit the website  Kick It

Other Local  Stop Smoking Services

Local Stop Smoking Services have been developed by experts and ex-smokers to provide professional advice, support and encouragement to help you quit smoking for good.

These can be found in different places including community pharmacies and NHS GP surgeries.

Stop Smoking Services are free and offer one-to-one or group support from a trained stop smoking adviser along with access to stop smoking medicines, which are available for the cost of a prescription. If you've bought your own e-cigarette, they can provide quitting advice and support around these, too.

Find your local Stop Smoking Service now

NHS Stoptober Campaign launches 1st October

Backing up the message that stopping smoking is easier with the right support, the campaign website has a good range of support services. These include a free, personalised quit plan coupled with 28 days support from the Stoptober App and an in depth look at nicotine replacement options.  Read more on the Stoptober website.

28 Day Programme with the app

  logo Stoptober App

Created for those who want to stop smoking, the Stoptober app is a 28 day programme that puts practical support, encouragement and tailored advice in the palm of your hand. Available for Android and IOS.

Daily email support

Stay focused on quitting with support sent straight to your inbox. The Smokefree emails, sent every day for 28 days, are full of advice, tips and encouragement to help you achieve your goal.

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Facebook community

Social media is a great way to swap stories, experience and advice with others who are trying to quit smoking, just like you.

Join the conversation on Facebook and chat to others via Messenger about how you're getting on, what's worked for you and how to beat cravings.

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Stoptober Messenger bot

The Stoptober Messenger bot is there whenever you need support the most. Send an 'SOS' when you have a craving or feel like you're going to smoke, and it will respond with relevant advice.

You can also sign up for daily support messages to help keep you motivated and smokefree.

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Phone support

As well as the on-line support Stoptober offers, you can call the free Smokefree helpline and talk to a trained adviser. Lines are open 9am to 8pm on Monday to Friday, and 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Call the National Smokefree Helpline now on 0300 123 1044.