Information sharing session for staff and volunteers - presenting an overview of local online health resources, directories and services.

Digital Health Information - an overview of what's out there

Duration: 1 hour

Are the staff and volunteers in your organisations interested in finding out more about online health information? Our project is offering  an introductory (free) digital health information session at your offices or community venue. 

In this session we: 

  • review the scope of health information available from the NHS Choices website 
  • make a whistlestop tour of Kingston Digital Health's collection of  online directories providing support for Kingston's residents 
  • demonstrate how using apps is helping improve our health
  • raise awareness of the lack of basic digital skills and where to signpost people for training

Accessing online health information via the NHS Choices website 

At a recent training session we found over half of our audience had not visited the NHS choices website.  As one of the world's busiest internet sites with 10s of thousands of visits every day, this site is the first stop for accurate and informed health information provided by the NHS.  You will be amazed what you can find on the site from videos of consultants expaining health conditions, to healthy living recipies.  We hope after this session your volunteers will be keen to sign up to more training exploring these resources in greater depth. 

Whistlestop tour of our local online directories section -

from RBK's Careplace directory listings of all local health and social care services in the borough to  how to access the Better Bones service.  Kingston Digital Health has links to all the key directories offering local advice and support.  

Demonstrate how using apps can helping improve our health

This part of our signposting session  always attracts great interest  - whether its tracker apps or those for emergency contact information,  everyone is interested. 

Raise awareness of the lack of basic digital skills 

Currently 1 in 5 people in the UK do not have the  digital skills needed for future when all govenment service transactions will be done online - paying bills, signing up to servcies, registering to vote. Not being online and having access to health information is a huge problem for some residents.  We will provide an up to date overview of what free digital skills training is on offer locally.

Take Action 

Contact Philippa Leary, Kingston Digital Health Co-ordinator to book a signposting session for your staff and volunteer team.

Emai: or call 020 8255 3335 for more information.