One in five people in Kingston cannot use the internet to find health information online. We provide additional training to volunteers supporting residents with patchy basic skills. 

How to become a Kingston Digi Buddy 

We know that some people who volunteer are more inclined than others to the 'techie side of things' and as a follow on from the Digital Health Navigators training, we can train you with additional skills to support service users who aren't confident online.

Full details of training sessions coming soon. In the meantime please contact Philippa Leary to register your interest on

As a Kingston Digi Buddy Skills will learn the best ways to

  • Show people how to use iPad, Android and Windows' Tablets to navigate key health and wellbeing websites
  • Demonstrate how to use YouTube to search and find self-help videos or sign up to free podcasts
  • Explain how  to use, set up and install health apps like a BMi tracker on a smartphone or tablet
  • Show how to send a simple text or email with a link to an online resource to share with friends
  • Sign service users  up to free basic online skills training and motivate them to continue their learning
  • Demonstrate how to switch to WiFi Networks
  • Locate free digital skills help , training fact sheets and free basic skills training in the borough

Who is the training for?

Anyone who  has completed the Digital Health Navigators' training can sign up for this session. KVA  can also loan your organisation a couple of our tablets, preloaded with apps and health information sites, on a one week loan.